20k of Brussels – Liberals run for IGLYO (TEAM18925)

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On 19 May 2019 (the Sunday before the EP 2019) we shall run together to raise money and awareness for IGLYO (the LGBTI youth and student organization – http://www.iglyo.com/).
So far the D66, Libdems, FDP, Momentum and En March Benelux will organize this event, but we are expecting other liberal parties to join us!

Thank you so much for your enthusiasm to run with us!!

Please consider the following steps

Step 1. Please send an email or text to Joost Hermans via hermansjoost[at]gmail[dot]com or +32484778007 with the following information:
• your name
• your email address
• your mobile phone number

Step 2. Register for the 20k of Brussels from March 2019 on via:

Step 3. Say your “going” to the Facebook event:

Step 4. Start a fundraiser for IGLYO on Facebook.

Step 5. Running shirts will be printed for the event and we will contact you about that via the Facebook page

We are looking forward to seeing you on Sunday 19 May 2019 on Schuman to start the run together.



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